Google Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day With The Launch Of New Features For Its Live Captions, Maps, And Others

So many Android devices are now turning into popular favorites for the masses, thanks to them being user-friendly.

In the recent past, we’ve seen Google really evolve and highlight more features that it wants users to benefit from. And while we’re grateful for so many of those, there are still plenty of areas that need improvement.

This includes tools that help you magnify a screen and enables you to read things in a simpler manner. Meanwhile, there is also a new Live Caption option where users can take notes during a meeting too.

Such accessibility features display a very simple notion. Devices may work out well for them, no matter what form of disability they may have. And today, the search engine giant seems to be celebrating global accessibility day by launching a range of enticing features to better the whole Android user experience.

This means saying hello to more inclusivity and adding some more accessibility features that entail a long list of enhancements to the feature called Live Caption. This means getting into the AI world to develop alt text and produce more data about certain spots that can be accessed through wheelchairs.

Throughout the year 2020, we saw people make use of the new Accessible Places launch through Google’s Maps. They were provided with so many ramps that would put up ramps and make rooms for wheelchairs and some strollers too.

It was very handy and disguising such features behind the likes of opt-ins meant it was no longer in access of Google’s users. So to ensure that was not the case, users were asked to check if there was any location that had alternatives for stairs.

But that’s not all. The company is also unveiling new tools that would be helpful for browsers. This includes detecting errors while putting in a URL. So that’s going to do wonders for those suffering from dyslexia and a range of other learning issues including those with new language skills.

You can find this offering on desktop but you’ll have to wait a little while longer for it to expand across smart devices, the company adds.

Whatever the case may be, users of such devices can benefit from updates on TalkBack across Chrome and it helped Android users manage tabs.

Such improvements arising on Live Caption may not seem to be a big deal but one feature is definitely getting rolled out that would assist with communication. On calls, users can type responses for a feature and have the text read out aloud to another individual.

You can find this on devices of both Google’s Pixel 6,7 and it would land on some older variants too, not to mention Android devices as well.

Most of the world is anticipating Google to really divert most of its efforts to including AI assistance. It wishes to assist those having great trouble seeing what types of pictures are being looked at and how it integrates AI into the entire process of making alt text with the right captions in place.

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