Google And Instagram In The Spotlight As New Reports Speak Of Rise In Online Child Exploitation Rates

There are so many reports speaking of child exploitation increasing at an alarming pace in the online world.

Some of the largest tech companies are getting called out for stats from the past year which entails Meta’s Instagram and Alphabet’s Google.

But that’s not all. TikTok, Amazon, Reddit, Twitch, and several other chat platforms like Omegle, as well as Discord, are also being mentioned. The news comes through a recently published report that came on Tuesday. It spoke about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children getting worried about these findings.

Furthermore, the American child safety agency got more than 32 million complaints regarding online abuse, child abuse, child trafficking, and the circulation of material that was explicit in nature and not suitable for young audiences. The shocking part is how the figure is now 2.7 million times more than what we saw the year before.

The reports linked to online enticement proved how child sexual abuse content was increasing by 82% in the past. And this might have to do with financial sextortion as a leading reason for the endeavor. So many kids continue to get targeted and they’re sharing explicit themed images and then blackmailing people for financial gains in return.

When you see this massive increase in reports published between 2021 to 2022, it’s mainly linked to reports put out from providers of electronic devices. They were already sending out a huge amount of reports in the past year and the law enforcement agencies were also on alert about this.

Megle, Google, and TikTok are yet to generate a response on the matter or provide comments to questions. But one representative from Microsoft claims that the firm’s digital safety content report is up for grabs for those who wish to take a look as they’ve got nothing to hide.

H/T: Bloomberg

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