Bill Gates regrets spending most of his life focusing on work

Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, has recently revealed that he wishes he knew that work is not the only thing in one’s life. While addressing the graduating students of Northern Arizona University, Gates told them that when he was younger, he always kept himself and the people around him busy with work, even during his vacations.

He added that if someone decides to give themselves leniency or a break, it does not make them lazy or unproductive. According to Bill Gates, when Microsoft was just starting, he would keep an eye on his staff. He used to see which workers left early and who was doing overtime by staying in the office. Gates used his office window, which opened into the parking lot, to look at the workers leaving. However, now he knows that maintaining balance is important in life, and people should work on making it happen.

While sharing his advice with the students, Microsoft’s founder told them that they should not wait, just like he waited to understand the importance of a balanced life. He added that students should take time to focus more on their bonds with others. Appreciate the things they have achieved. Not just themselves; if anyone around them wants to give themselves a break, they should be allowed to do so. Four years ago, Gate confessed how strict he was with his workforce; he would send emails even at midnight. But now he has realized that despite working continuously, he has helped them with the company’s success, yet some of it just went over the top.

Gates advised them not to keep themselves restricted to the classroom; instead, they should be ready to learn even from the outside world or the things they have experienced so far. Bill highlighted the importance of friendships and building trust among themselves. He also told them that it is never too late to start again, as some of the students could be worried regarding the things they have planned for their future.

It was not the first time Bill Gate was asked to speak to the students at their graduation. Previously, he delivered his speech at different universities, including Harvard.

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