Apple Unveils Its First App Store Transparency Report

Apple is going public with its first-ever App Store Transparency Report.

The tech giant set out a comprehensive list of data and statistics on its respective website including the total number of apps that could be found at this location.

The report is certainly the first of its kind and has become a part of the firm’s huge $100 million settlement that involved developers from the App Store from the year 2021.

During such a period of time, we saw the tech giant mention how it would entail a long list of statistics regarding the entire review process for applications as well as the app figure for those platforms that were rejected for all sorts of logical reasons. Then there was news on objective findings linked to searches and their respective results as well as the figure for apps that were deleted from this store.

In this particular report, there was plenty of talk about details including the figure for combined apps and the number of app submissions that underwent a review. Those that were deleted were highlighted as per listings based on categories and then those that government officials took down were even mentioned.

The combined figure for the firm’s registered developers was also seen and how it ended up removing plenty of developer accounts that rose to 428,00. Meanwhile, the figure for the number of accounts that searched through the App Store was delineated to be 373,000 and it meant so many individuals were checking this store each week which is definitely a lot.

For more details, you can take a glance over the two-page report that can be found on Apple’s website.

But that is not the only kind of details that were shared by the firm. They even went as far as outlining how many accounts got blocked due to fraudulent transactions on the app in the past year. And we might be seeing more news on this front soon at this year’s WDC which would begin during the first week of next month.

So why are the Cupertino giant and leading iPhone maker putting out so much information on this front? Well, it wants the world to know that there is nothing to hide. They want to be more transparent about all the appeals they get, why they end up removing apps, and how accounts of top developers get terminated, among so many other things.

And before we forget, the company did mention how it was planning on putting this transparency report up for display because it was a huge part of the settlement that came alongside developer groups for the year 2021. Thanks to the leading lawsuit that it was faced with, it had to put out more details in the public eye that had to do with its App Store.

The decision was supported by the company’s own shareholders who voted in favor of the tech giant publishing such data from the App Store in January. And we have to say, Apple has really gone above and beyond what it vowed to disclose as a part of the agreement with the stakeholders involved.

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