Adobe plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into Photoshop

The well-known software house, Adobe, has recently made an announcement that the company is planning to welcome artificial intelligence on board with their Photoshop software. In doing so, Adobe seeks to address concerns about potential job losses as well as the increase in counterfeit content resulting from the initiative.

The leading image editing software company will be including the application of generative artificial intelligence through Adobe Firefly, an AI-based project of the company that was introduced recently as a pilot version. This addition aims to offer users a supportive companion, including graphic designers, instead of taking over their jobs.

As a result of this step, graphic designers will be able to perform addition, expansion, and removal of unwanted elements from the content. These steps can be taken by a user-friendly system similar to Dall-E, in which users can add the things they want in their content.

It is expected that the feature may make its debut on the desktop version on Tuesday, where an extended release will be carried out later this year. The company has been taking help from artificial intelligence for a very long time, but the addition of Firefly will be something new as it can open more doors for the designers.

A number of generative intelligence users have already complained and shown concern that AI has been modified regarding art content under copyright. In order to prevent itself from falling under the same accusations, Adobe trained its product on 100 million pieces of content, for which the copyright limit has already come to an end.

According to Chandra Sinnathamby, director of digital media at a software company, the addition will make things accessible for small enterprises where they can customize their own designs. Chandra continued that the company only wants to offer assistance and does not mean to take over anyone’s job.

To counter the counterfeiting problem, the company planned to set up a standard where any product of the software would be marked. The company has almost one thousand employees responsible for authenticating the content. Similarly, those designers who offer their work to be used by others will receive payment whenever their product is used.

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