WhatsApp users will soon be receiving updated interfaces along with animated emojis

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is planning to introduce three new updates for its users. Its developers are playing with the code to introduce a new interface along with a tool bar at the bottom. In addition to this, they are also working to add animated emojis to the platform.

Starting off with the first update, WhatsApp is bringing Lottie’s library on board, aiming to provide an enhanced user experience while chatting. With the addition of this feature, it will be easier for a user to express their feelings.

Initially, the animated emojis will be delivered by default, so the users won’t have the option to turn them off. As a result, it is believed that some people might lose their focus due to their preference for plain conversation without any animation.

The update is currently being planned for desktop users, but it is believed that it may also be released for both Android and iOS versions as well. Since the feature is still in its initial stage, the pilot variant hasn’t been released yet.

Moving on to the second one, the developers have added a new toolbar at the bottom in order to offer an updated media picking feature. The updated interface will make it easier to share media files, as initially users would have to scroll through every piece of selected media content, but now all the content will be available on a single screen in the form of a bottle toolbar, making it more user-friendly.

Recently, a number of updates have been announced, highlighting that the developers will keep working to improve the interface of the application. The testing version of the feature has already been released to some iOS pilot testers, and it can be expected that soon the update will be available in future versions.

And lastly, a new interface for locked screens is about to be rolled out for the iOS audience. Based on the snapshot posted by Wabetainfo, the difference between the previous and upcoming interfaces is clearly visible, with the latest one appearing to be more modern. In previous announcements, it was also announced that the application developers were working to introduce round edges.

However, some audience members might complain as the locked interface can appear even when it should not. It is expected that developers will look into it and fix the issue. The flight version has already been rolled out to a number of testers, and the number of beta audiences is expected to grow.

Once again, no official date for the global release has been shared by any of the WhatsApp officials. Though it can be expected that the update might be available at any time in the upcoming versions.

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