What Companies Offer the Highest Paying Internships?

Internships are meant to provide recent or soon to be graduates with some real world experience that can help them land jobs later on. Hence, they generally don’t tend to pay very well, and many of them don’t offer any kind of stipend whatsoever. In spite of the fact that this is the case, some companies offer internships that are actually very well paid. Glassdoor recently compiled a list of the companies whose lucky interns receive hefty paydays throughout their tenure.

First up, we have Microsoft. The tech juggernaut only hires the most accomplished graduates to take part in their internship and it pays its interns nearly $7,000 a month or $6,934 to be precise. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Uber does even better, with interns working at the major start up receiving an average of $7,080 on a monthly basis.

Following this, we have the global management consulting firm known as McKinsey & Company. Interns working at this firm receive a monthly salary of $7,170. The finance sector in general is known for offering very high paying internships with all things having been considered and taken into account. For example, JP Morgan and BlackRock pay their interns $7,188 and $7,270 respectively.

Other finance companies like Earnst and Young $7,651 per month, with Bain & Company paying $7,873 and Credit Suisse offering just under $8,000 or $7,947 to be precise. Internships in the crypto space are also quite valuable, with Coinbase’s internships offering a monthly salary of $8,206, far higher than that of traditional finance companies like the ones we have already mentioned!

Twitter also does extremely well here, with the social media platform offering interns a pay package of $7,290 per month. However, its internship is the lowest paying one when compared to other social media platforms. Interns working at LinkedIn receive an average of $7,360 per month, with Snap going even further with its $7,520 per month salary package. These companies also set up long term careers, so the salary packages are the icing on top.

Now, the social media platform that has the highest paying internship is unsurprisingly Meta. Interns working at this massive social media juggernaut earn close to 6 figures a year thanks, with monthly salaries of $8,160 all in all.

As for the company offering the highest paying internship of all, it turned out to be none other than Stripe! With a salary package of $9,064 per month, Stripe’s internships are highly coveted among recent graduates because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up netting them a six figure salary before they even get a full time position.

The only other internship that offers more than $9,000 per month is with Roblox, with the metaverse and gaming company’s internships netting around $9,017 or so.

The purpose of internships is to set up future careers, but people still need to earn money in order to be able to eat. High paying internships make it easier for such individuals to make ends meet than might have been the case otherwise, and any of these companies would be excellent options for people who are looking for internships.

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