While AI benefits the world in many ways, there is a negative side to it that everyone should be aware of

One of the greatest advancements in human history, artificial intelligence, has proven to be extremely useful. However, despite AI's positive effects on the world in many ways, including the models and robots it has given us in recent years that no one could have foreseen even decades or so, it has also become increasingly harmful. For those who might not be aware, artificial intelligence has a negative side that includes various drawbacks including unemployment caused by AI taking over human jobs. But the one that we are going to look into is password cracking.

With the help of PassGAN, an AI password tracker, "Home Security Heroes" cracked 15,680,000 passwords to find out how powerful and enthralling AI has become over the years. Since 51% of them were broken in less than a minute, its main objective was to raise awareness of how AI may break your password among individuals all over the world.

According to the study's findings, 65% of the passwords were likewise amenable to being cracked in one hour. However, 71% could take a day or so, and 81% might require over a month.

The study found out that since AI appears to have no trouble breaking passwords, individuals should definitely think about some strong passwords. Additionally, it was shown that passwords with 4 to 11 letters are the ones that are most susceptible to being broken/guessed. To prevent that, a password must include 18 characters, including upper - and lowercase letters, digits, and symbols. Two factor authentications, frequently switching passwords, not having the same password of many accounts, are a very useful approach to make your account as safe as possible. One of the key findings of this study was that a password with 18 letters along with numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols might prevent hackers from guessing it, at least not for six quintillion years.

Some people really took action to safeguard their safety after learning about all the drawbacks of AI. To protect its users from the effects of assaults, Microsoft unveiled "Security Copilot." This security copilot keeps you informed of potential hazards from attackers and helps you navigate them. In addition, it even instructs users on how to react to them. The best feature, though, is that it enables you to accomplish it in a matter of minutes, which may be quite useful during an incident or attack.

Passwords > 18 characters are generally safe agaisnt AI password crackers, as it takes PassGAN at least 10 months to crack number-only passwords and 6 quintillion years to crack passwords that contain symbols, numbers, lower-case letters, and upper-case letters.

Did you know that it takes PassGAN AI around 6 minutes to crack any kind of 7 character password, even if it contains symbols?

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