Microsoft Edge In The Spotlight As Company’s ‘Follow Creators’ Feature Reportedly Bugged In New Update

At the start of 2022, Microsoft Edge introduce a new feature that got a lot of people’s attention.

This was called ‘Follow Creators’ and it was designed for those keen on following their favorite stars like top YouTubers and content creators. But now, it appears that the feature is getting called out for being bugged in its newest update.

The news is definitely major in terms of data privacy in the online world. Remember, each webpage has a specific URL that is visited and that being sent out to API servers of Bing is not good news.

The reason being is linked to how the 'follow creators' feature might be enabled through default settings most of the time in the newest version. Therefore, each URL encountered or domain visited gets included.

The matter was first raised by a user on Reddit a couple of days ago. He mentioned a question that stated what causes Microsoft Edge to lead visited URLs in their newest update? And then the respective API was outlined as

He further revealed how exploring for references linked to this kind of URL would set out a few results and not provide any documentation regarding the endeavor at all. This response set out a type known as ‘followable status’ that sets out zero Google Results which if you come to think of it, is really rare.

Tech media outlet The Verge set out a recent statement regarding the news by the company’s Stardock engineer. He says the platform has a creator-follow endeavor that gets enabled through default settings. Therefore, the intent seems to be notifying Bing when you’re on a particular page. This entails The Verge, Reddit, and YouTube. For now, he confirmed how it’s not working correctly.

Therefore, he admitted the problem while confirming how it’s not working out great right now. So all domains visited on Bing would be sent out.

Meanwhile, software maker Microsoft did release a confirmation to The Verge that it was well aware of this report. The company’s director for communications claims an investigation regarding the matter is taking place. And they are definitely looking at this matter seriously. They will similarly take appropriate action so they can better address any problems regarding the ordeal.

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