Microsoft Advertising Refuses To Support Twitter As Decision Prompts Elon Musk To Stage New Lawsuit

Microsoft Advertising is ditching Twitter as the company opts to take a step back from supporting the popular microblogging platform.

The decision is certainly overwhelming and is not sitting down too well on Elon Musk who has now threatened the software giant with a new lawsuit.

The news was posted today by Microsoft’s Support Page website that stated how the Smart Campaigns with its Multiplatform endeavors can’t provide any more support for the app starting April 25. For now, there is no specified reason for this decision but it is likely that it might be linked to Twitter adopting a paid API for huge firms in the industry.

The announcement was made on Twitter’s separate Daily News Account where Elon Musk added a sudden reply to this post, alongside an additional quick text. He says the company’s workers were trained through illegal means through Twitter’s data and it’s time they were held accountable with a lawsuit.

For now, it’s all a very fuzzy endeavor and one that we’re not too sure about either as very little is being spoken on this front. We don’t know what the tech billionaire really means in terms of getting trained illegally through the app’s data. But it is very much likely that he feels the computational giant is holding the firm accountable for utilizing the Twitter API so it could train better for AI services such as Bing Chat. Still, he’s not providing any form of evidence regarding this type of activity.

Meanwhile, both the app and its chief are making a lot of heads turn in the past couple of weeks. At the start of this month, the billionaire instructed the platform to block individuals from liking, reposting, and sending out replies to posts featuring links through Substack. Thankfully, it was a temporary endeavor but an eyebrow-raising one.

Next, we saw Elon Musk accuse the Substack firm of installing a huge chunk of his Twitter company’s database. The move was aimed to provide support for the recently released Substack Notes feature. Yet, Musk again failed to provide any evidence of the allegations.

And now, we’re seeing him accuse several media outlets of being funded by the government which has resulted in the American NPR stopping posts through its account on the Twitter app.

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