Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Was Again Paid A Nominal $1 Salary In 2022 With Zero Bonuses

It appears as if Mark Zuckerberg is staying true to his calling since 2013 and that includes being paid a bare minimum salary from his own company.

The CEO of Meta who is home to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp only got paid $1 with zero bonuses attached. But that does not mean he didn’t cost the firm tens of millions as a part of his compensation to overcome personal expenses. The latter includes his wide security coverage and travels through private jets.

The CEO and founder of Meta first trimmed the salary to $1 in 2013 and he never opted to change the decision again. And that’s what many people find surprising about him.

The news arose after a recent proxy statement shed light on the figure just before the yearly meeting for the company’s shareholders that is scheduled for the end of next month.

But this was also the place where he was shown to be given $27 million under the ‘All Other Compensation’ bracket.

His security has certainly enhanced over the years and today, it’s worth a staggering $14.8 billion. Coverage is provided at so many homes and also during his time spent abroad.

Meanwhile, Meta did not shy away from admitting how it has always identified a leading number of threats to Mark Zuckerberg due to his high profile nature of being the firm’s founder, chairperson, CEO, and leading shareholder.

They strongly believe that his top role in the industry puts him in a leading position where he’s synonymous with the firm and due to this, he can give out negative sentiments pertaining to the organization. The latter is directly dealt with and usually transferred to the CEO himself.

Similarly, the fact the tech giant is frequently blasted for a laid-back attitude toward the security and privacy of its apps does not help. Remember, the company generates the most money through advertising sales. But it does like to attract plenty of publicity from regulators.

Let’s not forget how compensation funds Zuckerberg also entails $2.3 billion for costs linked to personal use of Zuckerberg’s private plane. This includes fees for passengers, crew, catering, and fuel prices. This airplane is under the leadership of Musk himself and is operated by another separate charter firm.

As per the statements in the proxy, the expenses linked to Zuckerberg vary from one year to the next, it all depends on the security measures in place, how frequently he has to fly, and some other factors.

H/T: TheRegister

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