LinkedIn Publishes New ‘Brand To Buyer’ Marketing Report With Valuable Insights From Evolving Mindsets In The Tech Sector

LinkedIn has put out a new Brand To Buyer marketing report for the tech sector.

The newly published report looks at how different brands are exploring new purchases and which factors are having the biggest influence through such processes.

This report entails a long list of responses from more than 2000 different decision makers of the tech world while featuring 2100 marketers having valuable insights through evolving mindsets in this field. It feels this could help so many others stay informed about some great strategic planning.

Users can view the detailed report online but we’ve also summarized the key findings for your convenience below.

For starters, the platform notes down which tech budgets are on the rise. And it does make sense why it’s doing that because the rate at which things are shaking up in the tech world is definitely worth a mention. Did we mention the countless advances coming forward on the AI front too? Let’s not forget how the Metaverse is encouraging more enterprises to take a step back and think about how they can better their future.

In the same way, you need to remember that from the perspective of a marketer, there is a huge chance that you may reach out to firms providing the best solutions in the market that come aligned with their genuine concerns. More firms are putting out investments and in the future, it may lead to a long list of exciting opportunities.

On the other hand, the report also looked at how leading tech marketers were trying to connect with the buyers of the industry while the most popular thoughts linked to communication had to do with messages.

As one can imagine, the marketing world linked to social media and SEO is the main target point while plenty of white papers and trade exhibits are on the decline. In the same way, the reports show how automation tools in the world of marketing are similarly increasing.

The research is also providing an overview of the best means for communication regarding tech buyers and the main elements that could enhance messaging. Furthermore, there are some greater insights linked to tech buyers trying to get details about social media arising to the top. Some insights are quite interesting while others are doing justice at setting out users’ outreach strategies. And in the end, the goal is to make sure they’re aligned with the thought process of decision-makers and how they’re making purchasing decisions.

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