Experts Issue Alarm Against Telegram While Calling It The Number One Place For Purchasing Phishing Kits

Researchers and tech experts are calling out the popular social media app Telegram as a huge threat to users.

The platform has been designated as the top place to purchase and sell phishing kits, including more details on how to go about the entire phishing ordeal online. So many groups on the app are providing users with the know-how and basics of the alarming ordeal.

The news comes to us thanks to a new cybersecurity report from Kaspersky which says this popular app that many adore due to its instant messaging and encrypted features might not be so safe after all. It also spoke about how it serves as an integral breeding ground for cybercriminals around the globe.

At this moment in time, the study showed how there are many active Telegram groups. So many hackers continue to offer phishing kits, free of cost. These are packed with tools that enable new actors to make pages for phishing activity and even disguise themselves as leading businesses online.

The intricacy and finesse with which all of this is being done are just too alarming as pages continue to be generated automatically by the masses. Also, you’ll see cybercrime activity taking place so commonly with top-of-the-line premium pages filled with customized interfaces. Other than that, other features on offer include URL encryption, systems that work against bots, and geoblocking.

For such endeavors, you can expect to pay as low as $10 or as much as $300 so yes, it’s not too heavy on the pocket either.

But the drama does not end there. We are seeing more and more hackers make use of the app to conduct sales of stolen sensitive items including personal data details bank information and other sensitive private details. They’re also offering OTP bots and phishing service subscriptions too.

The study’s researchers also noted down another interesting finding regarding Ransomware encryptors. They have a kit that encrypts some stolen details that are designated for operators and behave as safeguards to enable creators of ransomware to get a fair share. So as you can imagine, even ransomware operators will be accountable for any data they steal. In case you did not know, phishing is being called out as one of the world’s most famous cybercriminal endeavors today. It is only slightly behind the crime of ransomware and Email Compromise of businesses. And that is in itself like a type of phishing.

Today, a new report is shedding light on how there has been a massive 569% rise in phishing attacks last year when compared to data from the previous year. Moreover, reports even showcased how credential phishing rose by 478% in the past year too. Who knew one of the world’s leading texting platforms people once considered to be a replacement for WhatsApp could be involved in such activity?

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