Elon Musk’s Understanding Of Free Speech Questioned Again As Twitter Stops Users From Sharing Substack Newsletters

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is famous for promoting his ideology of free speech. And after purchasing Twitter, he claimed that one of his biggest goals was to promote just that. But after looking at the current scenario on the app, critics aren’t convinced.

The platform is stopping its own users from sharing Substack Newsletter links. Similarly, it’s restricting users from adding tweets across their own content.

In the past two days, we saw Twitter and users on Substack receiving pop-up warnings across both platforms. This arose when they tried to add a link to the next. Meanwhile, on Substack, users trying to add Substack links or embed tweets got alerts. These entailed how such behavior would no longer be allowed and was restricted.

They were similarly told that they could no longer engage with such content related to Substack. And the reason is quite simple. At the start of this week, Substack previewed a ‘Notes’ element feature that was similar to Twitter. It’s designed to copy the functionality across its own platform. And those who know Musk realize that he’s not a fan of others stealing his ideas. In the past, we’ve seen him mention how Twitter is trying to hold Substack accountable for such actions.

The news is bizarre and while there is yet to be any form of a justification regarding it, one thing is for sure. Substack does not plan on holding back what it feels. They’ve let out a statement on the matter and even criticized Twitter for this behavior.

They called the platform out and wanted them to know how disappointed they feel about limiting writers on the app and the right they hold when sharing content. Furthermore, they added how each user had every right to share content, be it Substack or other apps. And such changes should be condemned.

It hopes a new model would be adopted by the popular microblogging site that not only financially rewards the writers but also provides them protection against those hindering their freedom of speech.

When you actually come to think of this, it’s all super interesting. Elon Musk has been super vocal in the past regarding how strongly he feels about free speech. He presents this as the leading reason when purchasing the $44 billion platform and now, he’s taking a step back from his own claims.

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