WhatsApp is planning to introduce two new updates in upcoming versions

WBI has spotted that Whatsapp is planning to introduce two new updates for its users. These updates include an updated chat attachment menu and the ability to see groups in common while searching for a contact.

Starting with the first one, on March 4th, WBI revealed that WhatsApp was planning to update the chat for iOS users; however, as per the latest news, Android users will also be getting an updated menu. The current menu is outdated and needs to be changed. Based on the snapshot posted by Wabetainfo, it can be seen that the upcoming chat attachment menu will be completely updated. Not only will it look more clear, but it will also give users a much better experience. The beta version of the update has already been released for some users.

So far, no date has been shared as to when the updated menu will be available; however, it can be expected that it will be a part of upcoming updated versions.

Moving on to the second update, it can be seen that WhatsApp wants to offer a better experience to the users, from updating the menu to showing common groups while looking for a contact. At the end of 2022, WhatsApp released a similar update for desktop users who find it useful and time-saving.

The screenshot posted by Wabetainfo shows that whenever a contact is searched, a separate portion, namely Groups in Common, will also be shown. The update has already been released, not just for beta Android users but even for iOS users as well. It can be accessed via the beta version of WhatsApp available on the Play Store. The company has already expanded the number of beta users who will be able to get their hands on these updates.

Once again, no time and date are currently available; hence, it can be expected that, just like the updated menu update, groups in common will also be available anytime in the future.

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