WhatsApp for iOS and Windows to Get Major Updates

WhatsApp has several versions of its platform that are running on various operating systems, and each version tends to get its own updates with all things having been considered and taken into account. There are two major updates that beta testers have noted for WhatsApp, one of which will focus on iOS and the other of which is catering to Windows users of the instant messaging app.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the iOS version of the app will be making it easier for users to create stickers. As per WBI, a new tool is being rolled out that will allow users to convert images that they have in their gallery into stickers. This has the potential to make stickers far easier to use than might have been the case otherwise, along with increasing the overall frequency of their day to day usage.

This is also an extension of the drag and drop feature that enabled users to send images through the app in a more straightforward manner. However, it will be essential for the app to convert images properly, otherwise the usefulness of this feature may end up being rather limited.
Beta testers for Window versions of WhatsApp also noted another feature that might be right around the corner. This feature will allow users to create a link that they can send to people. Clicking on the link will allow the users that received it to join a call. This can be especially useful for WhatsApp for Business users, since they need to be able to get other people to joint calls as quickly as possible.

Users can create a call link fairly easily, and they can send this link to whoever they choose. The rollout of this feature could take WhatsApp to the next level. It indicates that the platform is continually trying to tweak things in order to optimize the kind of experience that users can take advantage of, and both the call links and sticker creation tools will definitely play a role in making that happen.

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