Twitter All Set To Roll Out Full Messaging Encryption This Month

Twitter encryption fans have a new reason to celebrate as the company is gearing up to roll out a new range of full messaging encryption in March.

This will be accompanied by the chance to send out replies to separate DMs through a chain while making use of an emoji as a part of the reaction. And that's in clear opposition to the usual seven presets.

The company’s chief mentioned in a new post how there would be a time frame linked to the updates in DMs and that would take place across the weekend. This confirmed a few reports from the past regarding the development taking place across the app’s options for DMs.

Now here, the biggest update has to do with encrypted DMs and that would move this app more in line with the company and other apps while giving users the benefit of greater privacy.

As mentioned in an example that was launched by Twitter’s designer today, this type of encryption gets enabled through the app’s DMs. And what you get is an alert in the chat thread. It claims all texts and phone calls come secured with the feature of end-to-end encryption.

This means no one other than the real participants of this chat would be given the chance to see content related to this discussion. This gives them a sense of privacy and reassurance but at the same time, enables criminal activity. Remember, not even authorities of the government or the legal forces can overcome such strict measures in place.

This has been one of the main points of interest that were discussed by the company. It was an attempt to allow encryption through various messaging products. After facing a lot of criticism, the plan is still related to moving ahead. Twitter says it really does hope to move in line with this.

The change to reply to such individual messages in the DM would make room for specific chats and engagements as compared to putting in more replies on a large thread.
This is one of the leading examples that showcase how such a process functions where users can long press any message to provide a reply to it. And lastly, there is one option that sends replies to texts with the help of a simple emoji to express a great reaction.

As can be witnessed, this entire process allows users to click on the three-dot menu and select any emoji as a part of the reaction. Moreover, the app also hopes to add a new option that allows users to customize the default reaction but for now, it’s not clear if that’s going to be a part of this release or not.

Several of such updates linked to this might be awfully interesting and this causes a shift in the automatic encryption, which many feel is very crucial. For a while now, we’ve seen Elon Musk flag it for a while now.

We do feel this is quite small in terms of enhancing the entire user experience and it won’t be very significant in terms of interest.

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