TikTok Turns To Showcase Its Value To The American Economy Amid A Potential US Ban

The threat of a potential ban on the TikTok app in the US is running at an all-time high.

Therefore, TikTok is scrambling in terms of doing everything in its power to prove to the US what value the app brings to the table in terms of its potential of benefitting the American economy.

It appears to be a last-ditch effort in terms of developing good relations between the two nations as it’s awfully tense right now.

This new initiative is all about seeing how TikTok is benefiting brands, users, and the US economy in general. Moreover, it’s a clear reminder of how diverse the app is and how much it has to offer to benefit all of its users.

TikTok says the in-app experience is one that its users will recall for a long time. This combined with the great benefits it provides in terms of being inspirational and transcending to make changes in people’s life is rarely discussed.

The medium that is being used today to make lawmakers understand how banning the app is not in their best interest continues to remind so many of us about how it's trying to sway regulators that might consider thinking about if they should ban TikTok or not.

TikTok says a platform is a place where so many US citizens get the chance to transform their lives and others too. From kids of the first generation saving all of their parents’ small firms to bigger creators uniting to gather support for veterans too- TikTok says it’s the place to be.

Here is where you can connect, educate, and create great economic opportunities and the app says you’ll be so amazed at how much good it’s got to offer. But what the company forgot to shed light upon is how it’s a place where so many negative trends arise, not to mention huge psychological impacts on the mental well-being of teenagers and the spread of misinformation.

Now it’s still not clear if platforms are positive or negative but that does not mean the app should be stopped from regulating in the US.

The huge question right now is why there are links to China and its respective cybersecurity laws that allow sharing of citizens’ personal data from one country to the next without seeing consent.

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