These are the most used social media messaging apps globally

Similarweb, an Israeli web analytics company, recently collected data from one hundred countries to find which messaging applications are mostly used globally. Since last year, the top 3 positions are still the same, with Meta-owned WhatsApp and Messenger in the first and second spots, followed by Telegram in 3rd. It was found that WhatsApp ranked number one in sixty-three countries, whereas Messenger did so in sixteen countries. And Telegram, despite going down the chart, still ended up as the top app in ten countries.

WhatsApp, without any competition, is the leading app globally, with almost 90 percent of its users using the app daily. The app is visited almost twenty-two times a day, with users spending roughly one hour on the platform. Other than these three applications, the remaining three positions were taken by Viber, a Japanese app, followed by Line, another similar app, and Snapchat at the sixth position.

These top six apps represent almost ninety-seven percent of the data collected from the countries. Based on world population statistics, almost 26 percent of the human population visits a minimum of one application out of six. WhatsApp leads eighty-eight percent of the European market, which means that eighty-eight percent of European users visit the platform regularly, whereas, in the United States, the app is visited daily by sixty percent of the users. And as for Australia and Canada, the figures are up at 63 percent and 70 percent, respectively.

Though Facebook Messenger holds the second spot and has a strong global influence, its daily visitors are far behind those of WhatsApp. Compared to WhatsApp, only fifty-eight percent of the audience comes back daily. On the other hand, in Canada and Australia, the daily comeback rates are, respectively, seventy percent and seventy-six percent, which shows a strong influence in these markets. Telegram held the top position in ten countries, whereas in twenty countries, Telegram was listed among the top five applications. And among fifty-three countries, the app was on the top 10 list.

Although Viber may not be as popular as the other messaging apps, those who use it are well familiar with how secure the platform is. Not just this, but the whole app is easy to use, which places it among the top 6 lists. Snapchat has a high revisit rate, however, the platform itself is mostly used by young users under the age of eighteen to twenty-four. Due to it being an engaging platform, the platform experiences high comeback numbers.

The Trends of Messaging Apps: A Deep Dive into Worldwide Usage

These are the most used social media messaging apps globally

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