Social Media Giants Are Struggling To Verify The Age Of Their Users

A new study is highlighting some very interesting facts and that includes how leading tech giants are struggling with the age verification of their users.

With so many regulatory bodies functioning in today’s day and age, it’s hard to avoid bans and restrictions for some major issues. And age verification is definitely a part of that.

Both tech giants and apps related to the world of streaming are struggling in terms of finding a reliable method by which users’ age may be verified. Both parents as well as lawmakers are very concerned about kids and teens making use of their platforms on the web.

So many new laws are springing up as we speak and UK and California are no exceptions. Both of them have really started to push more firms to experiment with more processes that make sure underage users are not getting into sites that are intended for older age groups.

A recent report states how important age verification and age estimation have become to ensuring the safety of online users, especially kids. There are plenty of studies that highlight how their mental health gets harmed, not to mention their being guided and abused by perpetrators that are out there to get them.

While some states across the US are trying to do whatever they can to avoid such situations by introducing some radical laws for age checking, there is still a lot that needs to be done in this regard.

Today, a new law in Utah was established that would ban kids and teens from using apps if their parents did not provide consent on the matter. Similarly, adults would be barred who failed to look after such teens and kids from accessing their accounts. If an adult did not verify their age, they would no longer be allowed on the app too.

But the question is that why does this matter so much in the first place? So many apps are putting forward different means for age verification without any real laws coming into play. There is a lack of state laws in terms of what guidelines need to be followed and how to overcome the loopholes in place in this system.

There are a lot of efforts being done in terms of assessing the ages of users but not a lot of successful attempts are being seen in this regard. While the task looks awfully simple, some apps are struggling big time.

They’ve tried to introduce facial technology that recognizes the user and even tracks them down via the likes of their identity and personal information. But when you put things into perspective, so many platforms are working hard to boost the total number of users but they need to stay safe at the same time.

No app wants to be called out or carry out a large number of checks. Remember, the fewer the checks, the more the users, and the bigger the target audience available for being targeted by advertisers.

H/T: Axios

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