Overcoming Technological Obsolescence: The Need for Digital Skills in Modern Organizations

Despite the rapid pace of technological advancement, many companies are still grappling with outdated technology and a lack of digital skills, according to a new study.

According to the research published by Virgin Media O2, that surveyed more than twelve hundred decision-makers across a range of industries, voted that besides high inflation and other problems, technological proficiency might be a major issue in the coming years.

Approximately, 32 percent of executives think that old software/hardware & mismatching between systems and apps are the major hindrances to their effective working output.

The study found that while many organizations have invested heavily in new technology, they often neglect to address the underlying digital infrastructure needed to make those technologies work effectively.

Investing in digital infrastructure and improving digital skills among employees is crucial for organizations seeking to remain competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape. The research highlights that many organizations are being held back by outdated technology and a lack of tech proficiency.

The study also highlighted the importance of providing regular tech command training for employees. Investing in training and development programs that help employees understand how technology can improve their work and the organization can lead to better digital skills and an increased ability to compete in a rapidly evolving digital world.
Furthermore, having a clear digital strategy is also vital for organizations to make the most of new technologies. A well-defined digital strategy helps organizations stay focused on their goals and ensures that they make the most of the available technology to achieve them.

Also, digital skills play a vast role for the organizations' executives. The study illustrates that decision-makers rely on the expertise of their IT teams and external partners. The vast majority of those surveyed (78 percent) depend on their IT and telecom suppliers for guidance on how to make the most of their outmoded technology.

To sum up, while technology is advancing rapidly, many organizations are struggling to keep up due to outdated technology and a lack of digital skills. Investing in digital infrastructure and providing regular tech command training for employees are crucial steps for companies to remain competitive.

Additionally, having a clear digital strategy and relying on the expertise of IT teams and external partners can help organizations make the most of new technologies and overcome the challenges posed by outdated systems. Failure to address these issues could result in decreased productivity and competitiveness in the digital landscape.

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