New Warning By Google To Users After Finding Vulnerabilities In Samsung Chips

The security research team at Google is raising the alarm in terms of a long list of vulnerabilities that they recently discovered.

These were found in a number of different chips belonging to leading tech giant Samsung that were a part of dozens of Android-based devices, vehicles, and even wearable products.

They really feared such flaws would be found and exploited by others and hence are now ringing alarm bells.

A newly published blog post spoke about how Google’s Project Zero’s lead claimed how researchers discovered the threat and went about reporting the vulnerabilities in modems of Exynos that are manufactured by Samsung in the past couple of months.

This entailed several top-severity flaws that may compromise the affected devices in a silent and remote manner through cellular networks.

So many tests were carried out by Project Zero and they proved how the vulnerabilities were serious and they forced attackers to compromise devices at a base level without any user interaction. The only thing required here is for the attacker to know what the victim’s number is.

By gaining the chance to run codes at the device’s baseband end, the modems are able to convert all signals received to the likes of digital data and then attackers can gain access to data that’s moving in and out of the compromised device. This entails cellular phone calls, messages, and data on the cell without anyone knowing.

As far as disclosures go, it’s quite rare to see search engine giant Google raise alarm bells on such high vulnerability issues before they’re actually fixed. But now, the company is really putting in extra effort to keep the public alert, stating how skilled attackers have become.

They would end up exploiting the limited efforts and research of the company too.

Meanwhile, one of the researchers mentioned on Twitter how Samsung had just 90 days to fix the bug but it is yet to do so.

It was only this month that we heard about the security listing regarding several Exynos models and their vulnerabilities. It was affecting so many Android device manufacturers but it failed to give out more details.

Among those devices that were affected included the likes of Samsung, Pixel 6 and 7 by Google, and Vivo phones too.

There were some other vulnerabilities mentioned but Google says those were of less intensity than these ones.

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