New Intelligence Report Says The Dark Web Keeps Companies Up At Night But They’re Doing Little To Solve The Problem

A new report is shedding light on how intelligence officers are worried sick about the great number of threats taking place on the dark web. And the fact that companies are concerned but do nothing about it is another huge problem altogether.

The news comes to us thanks to a recent report that was made public by Searchlight Cyber.

The leading intelligence company of the dark web set out a new poll that surveyed around 1000 officers that worked in huge enterprises. They found 93% had gotten so sick regarding dark web dangers while 72% claim that a crucial solution to solve the matter is gaining cybercriminal intelligence so companies remain protected.

So what are companies really doing? The answer is that they’re busy collecting so much intelligence on such endeavors including tools, and networking. But that’s it and nothing else is being done to solve the problem.

Was this really worth the extra trouble? As per experts, 71% of intelligence officers would adore seeing suppliers get targeted on the likes of the dark web. In reality, 32% of people taking intelligence data from the dark web use it to carry out and plan attacks on the supply chain.

As revealed by Ben Jones who is the head of Searchlight Cyber, firms are simply not doing enough and they have a difficult journey ahead of them. What he sees at this moment in time is a very distinct pattern that arises among gathering a lot of threat intelligence and information taken from the dark web and then using that to attain a good security posture.

By gathering more information, such companies are going to be more familiar with how such perpetrators increase the chances of identifying attacks.

When you dig deep into such results, researchers find how firms in various industries give out different responses to various threats arising from this location. And the majority of them are related to the finance sector where reports show 85% manage to extract data from this area.

After that, the common target appears to be the health sector at 57%. Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry may improve as only 66% of CISOs are harvesting data from dark places on the web.

Right now, there is great skepticism regarding how such attacks need to be stopped as it appears to be below the usual industry standard.

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