Microsoft Criticized For Justifying ChatGPT’s Inaccurate Information

Computational giant Microsoft is under pressure after facing intense criticism for justifying ChatGPT’s inaccurate information.

The company may be wowing users around the globe with the launch of its new Bing Chat but people are not so convinced in terms of how it is defending the AI tool ChatGPT for not giving out the data that users requested correctly.

The race to lead in the world of AI is definitely taking a new turn but many feel that what is wrong should be admitted and fixed instead of justified.

The goal of this new type of software has to do with assisting users in making some wonderful writings that are related to their queries and respective prompts. And while such tools continue to attain attention, the drawbacks are being highlighted.

We have to admit how the tools are getting better and more creative when generating responses, some are even humorous. But that still does not make up for how inaccurate things can get.

Let’s take a recent incident that arose in February when the tech giant set out Bing Search. This was created with GPT-4 technology and at that time, people saw how it was setting out wrong responses.

There are other days when fake facts get presented and users would be forced to think that some researchers are hallucinating. But in reality, that’s an excuse for the mistakes being made.

See, the problem is not linked to how facts are slowing down. It has to do with how there is a mighty race between two big AI giants. Now, Google is also adding AI technology to so many tools and so is Microsoft. It’s coming to other apps and you can’t ignore it.

But the problems getting overlooked is in itself a problem. And on Thursday, Microsoft adds how it would be bundling the technology that is getting the tag, CoPilot.

In a recent online presentation, we saw executives from the firm announce that the technology tends to make mistakes and give out wrong facts. But instead of highlighting that as a major weakness, they were presenting that as a strength in their pitch and it really rubbed critics the wrong way.
Why were there so many inaccuracies across the board? And how can it be useful? These were some of the types of concerns and worries people talked about and rightly so.

Microsoft claims that as long as people knew that the data was inaccurate, they would be able to edit it out and send out emails quicker and that stunned the world. It adds that people need to be careful when using the product and ensure there are no errors in the final text.

It also said that this type of technology was machine based so errors are evitable. People need to be alert and double-check instead of relying on it so much, it is mentioned because you can’t add too much trust when talking about topics like health and finance.

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