Long Form Tweets Up To 10k Characters Are Coming Soon As Twitter Opts To Remove Recorded Live-Stream Archives

Elon Musk has hinted at a few new changes on the Twitter app and they’re expected to arrive soon.

Twitter is planning on making its long-form tweets longer with a limit of up to 10k characters. It’s almost as similar to the tweets seen behind the indicator that says ‘show more’- the app has gone on to confirm.

The news is being welcomed by those who claim that 10k character tweets have been a dream that they wished to see on the app. And now that it’s finally happening, there could be nothing better than it.

For those people that might not be aware of this fact, long-form tweets are only up for grabs for subscribers of Twitter Blue. The limit designated here is 4000 characters and this happened to be sent out at the start of last month.

It’s all very ironic if you ask us. Twitter is not finding a good enough reason to put forward longer tweet posts that highlight great functionality on the platform. But still, 4000 tweets are up for grabs to 300,000 app users that are paying extra for the Twitter Blue subscription. Hence, they can share long-form content with ease on the platform.

But wait, it’s not over just yet. We’re going to see this expand further soon as more Blue users start putting out longer text reams on the platform. We will not lie, it’s all a little strange if you ask us. Keeping users engaged is already hard but it appears that this new change might invite more people to provide a new avenue so creators can achieve monetization through this platform.

As more and more people spend time seeing videos and reading tweets, Twitter feels it can insert advertisements and then share the revenue of such practices with creators. We can definitely see how this is turning into a real thing online but the real question has to do with if creators and users are just as keen on adopting this change as the app’s chief is.

But again, if you’re not interested, then no need to break a sweat. Carry on posting short-form tweets and ignore the change getting rolled out soon.

On the other hand, if you wish to safe keep any old archives of your Twitter Live Recordings, then you might want to listen carefully to this next piece of news. Twitter has opted to delete the option of storing live archives from its platform, as spotted by Katie Notopoulos.

The popular micro-blogging site says it hopes such a measure would assist in cutting out costs.

As can be seen in this particular alert, the platform claims to remove the live video stream archive very soon. Therefore, all users need to download as well as save them in another place if they wish to safeguard them.

For now, the app failed to mention any other details about the likes of audio recordings that take place in its Live Spaces. But from what insiders claim, the latter also stands in jeopardy.

On both aspects, we’d recommend you download everything you wish to keep including any recordings for as long as Twitter carries on with its cost-cutting affairs which we feel will still continue with time.

Twitter failed to outline the exact date for now but again, we feel that the change would be coming sooner than we expect.

The app is really struggling on its revenue generation front. Nothing seems to be going as planned as it still cannot get back on track in terms of gaining the trust of its advertisers.

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