Leak shows a new “Top 3” sticker will soon be available on Instagram

Ever since Meta took over Instagram, the creativity level of the social media platform seems to be going down. To offer something new to the audience, the developers have started to look back at the content that was originally present at the time of social media’s beginning. Meta believes that bringing back the old trends will result in more users getting engaged with each other.

According to an app researcher and leaker, Alessandro Paluzzi, Meta is all set to introduce its “top 3” sticker feature that can be used while uploading stories. The sticker would allow users to share their top 3 of anything, which could either include friends, songs, places to go, etc. Sharing the top 3 of anything won’t be new, as it is somewhat similar to the trend observed on Myspace’s ”top 8.” Myspace, a social network company launched 20 years ago, was once famous as users used it to display their top friends, share their interests, or post photographs. The platform was most well known as it allowed its users to add links to other users’ profiles.

Though the social media company was overshadowed by Facebook as it became the social media giant, now Meta is using it to revive old trends that were once seen on “Myspace” for its users. Back in its glory days, the “Top 8” trend would give rise to anxiety and fights as users would get angry at their friends for not adding them to their “Top 8.” The same is about to happen on Instagram as soon as the “Top 3” sticker goes live on the platform.

It can be expected that, though more users will get engaged by using the top 3 stickers, the trend will once again spark fights among friends. It won’t be the first time that Mark Zuckerberg will be using his platform to revive old trends or ideas to attract more users. From letting users add music to their profiles to letting them decide their top 3, Meta is surely giving it all to keep the platform going.

Meta still has not confirmed when the feature will be released for everyone globally.

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