Get Set for YouTube's Upcoming Features to Help You Take Your Podcast to the Next Level

YouTube is delivering interesting new capabilities for podcasters using its platform.

The well-known video streaming service YouTube introduced more intriguing metrics and tools for podcasters, along with an experiment with an x/10 ranking card and the deprecation of overlay ad formats, among other things. Here is all the information you require regarding the most recent changes to YouTube.

First up is the introduction of podcast features for existing playlists. It includes podcast badges, promotional carousels, a podcast destination page, and podcast-specific search results - all designed to increase discoverability across YouTube main.

Also launching soon is Podcast Analytics. It provides aggregated metrics across videos in a podcast playlist, including watch time, demographics, discovery sources, and revenue analytics.

Together with these new capabilities, overlay advertising will soon no longer be used on any films to increase the effectiveness of ad distribution. However, podcasters can still utilize TrueView In-Stream Advertising in their movies served before or during playback.

A ranking card experiment called "x/10" has also been launched by YouTube, allowing users to give their favorite videos a star rating of 10 after each video they watch. This feature aims to give content producers additional insight into the types of media that connect with viewers the most and help them plan their content creation strategies more effectively in the future.

Finally, users can now download their own uploaded videos on mobile devices for offline viewing - great news for those who are often on the go! Plus, FAQs are available about using music from the Audio Library within Creator Music - so you can always find the perfect music track for your video without copyright issues!

YouTube will stop utilizing obtrusive overlay advertising on April 6, 2023, and migrate to more engaging ad formats for users of desktop and mobile devices. Don't worry; this modification will streamline the user experience while giving producers various advertising revenue options. You only need to change your current strategy for this format adjustment.

Some producers are uneasy about the X out of 10 ranking functions on the most recently released material. A test was done in 2021 to see what would happen if this card was taken off online dashboards, but the results were conflicting.

Thus it stayed in place. The Newest Published Content Card may be collapsed to hide it until a new video is published or the app is opened, which is a blessing for those who don't want to be hit with stats right away after opening Studio Mobile. Moreover, PC users can download their MP4 files directly from Video List to their devices!

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