Elon Musk Amasses The Most Followers On Twitter, Beating Out Barack Obama

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has cinched ahead to gain the top position for the most followers on the Twitter platform.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO managed to beat out former US president Barack Obama to take the lead as he amassed the most followers on the app. This news comes exactly five months post buying the Twitter company for a staggering value of $44 billion.

The world’s richest person has more than 133.1 million followers and it’s a big deal to beat Obama who has been in the lead since the start of 2020.

Today, the 51-year-old’s Twitter platform has a total of 450 million users that are active on the app every month. So when you take that into consideration, it means Musk holds 30% of the share of the overall user base.

Last year in October, we saw Musk purchase the firm and at that time, he was the third most followed person. Those ahead of him include singing sensation Justin Beiber and again Obama.

Since then, we saw him get a whopping 23 million more people to follow his account whereas the other two leaders in the race ended up with a decline in followers as fans of Musk started to unfollow them.

In the past month, we saw Obama’s follower count drop by 267,000 while Bieber’s fell by 119,000. These stats were highlighted by Social Blade which is known for tracking data of this kind.

In shocking comparison, the tech tycoon ended up gaining 3 million more followers each day and on average, it’s around 100,000 followers coming forward daily.

Musk has really worked hard since assuming his very tough role of being the firm’s Chief. He really had his work cut out for him and still does. But he sparked controversy and shock when he fired all leading senior executives on the app including the company’s own CEO.
Musk mentioned in a letter after his takeover why he really opted to purchase Twitter and the reason had to do with providing the future civilization with a digital town square that everyone had in common. He wanted a lot of topics to be debated and no one to feel as if they were being silenced or oppressed.

This is why he made some controversial decisions to allow back those big names who once were barred for breaking the app’s rules and regulations. But the biggest shocker is when he opted to step down from his role as the CEO as polls revealed that this is what users wanted. Yet, he has continued to work in this same position for three months.

And it’s all very interesting because there are no signs of a replacement coming anytime soon nor any announcement of him making space for another.

So as you can see, the man is struggling but not giving up and perhaps that is why he’s one of the most influential personalities in the tech world today.

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