Chinese Apps Are Booming Across The US But Most American Apps Can’t Operate In China

The threat of TikTok being banned in the US market still remains but a new study is pointing out some more interesting findings.

The research proves how apps owned by Chinese firms are booming across the US but most American apps cannot operate in China.

There appears to be a clear standoff arising between the American government and TikTok and this gives rise to a huge issue for policymakers. Tensions are already running high and this is never a good sign for the tech market.

But why this matters is a question you might be pondering upon. And the answer is simple. So many mobile apps are turning into vectors that allow for trade expansion and soft power exports. And argued how this is so accessible in terms of the amount of time spent on such platforms and how little is done in terms of regulation oversights online- it’s very interesting.

Today, leading tech firms in China can leverage the country’s one billion web users to try and test the preferences of users while optimizing AI models. The tech is then seen getting exported overseas as per a report from the WSJ.

However, when you keep the entire censorship endeavor in mind in China, so many US-based tech firms cannot reciprocate.

Driving the news further, we saw how in a month’s time, four out of the ten most popular and downloaded apps in America and Apple’s iOS App Store belonged to Chinese firms. The same was true for the Google Play Store and that really says a lot.

Looking at them further, we had the likes of Temu which happen to be a leading online retailer that managed to sweep American users and turn into a fast-paced app in America. It gave rise to big marketplaces in Amazon and Walmart realizing that they had some stiff competition and hence would be required to pull up their socks or face the consequences.

Then we have the likes of TikTok- an app that needs no introduction considering its millions of users who can’t get enough screen time due to the platform’s exciting offerings. In 2022, the app was called out to be the most downloaded platform across the US market.

Next up, we have CapCut which is a leading video editing platform owned by the likes of TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance. It has been gaining traction in the American market as a reliable vehicle by which youngsters can optimize short-form videos on other apps like TikTok, YouTube, and even Instagram.

Last but not least, we have SHEIN. This is the name of the biggest fashion-forward giant that is based in Singapore but it was originally founded in China. Today, it’s the most used platform for downloads in terms of the e-commerce world. It was founded by a leading entrepreneur based in China while the app’s suppliers are mostly designated to be Chinese.

H/T: Axios

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