Ban On TikTok In The US Won’t Help As Thousands Of Apps Are Sending Data From The Platform, Experts Confirm

There can be nothing worse than knowing that your data is shared with so many others around the globe.

And this happens to be a privacy concern of US Lawmakers that are trying really hard to stop the app from functioning across the devices of those holding government positions.

But the latest report from Reuters is shedding light on something more interesting. Most politicians are trying to punish the platform but in reality, they should be diverting attention to something else.

A new study has found nearly 28,000 apps that could be present on so many government employees' devices that make use of a code. And this code is what sends out information to the app.

Nearly 28,251 platforms are using the TikTok software and its respective development kids and tools to combine apps with its system. In the end, the data belonging to users of the platform is sent out for functions such as advertising within this app.

You simply log in and share video-related content from this platform. That is in accordance with searches taken place by Gizmodo who took assistance from AppFigures which is a leading company dealing with analytics.

But apps are not the sole source where data is taken from. There are so many trackers from the platform which spread through so many different websites. And the type of data sharing that TikTok ends up taking part in is as common as some other places on the web.

The alarming factor has to do with how the apps aren’t one or two but tens of thousands. And now, there is more news on how it uses popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Trivia Crack, and Mobile Legends. Similarly, commonly used photo editors in today’s time like Canva and VSCO are also spoken about. The list is endless and you have so many common apps in all categories. For now, no developer for these platforms that were listening gave out a comment despite being requested.

A small ban on the TikTok app would not prevent it from stopping data from flowing toward the app, experts continued to mention. Remember, this app has so much software in place including trackers that are spread across so many places on the web. There is not even a TikTok account but there are still so many ways through which the firm can gain data.

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