Annoyed Twitter Users Claim The App Is Excessively Showing Content From Unknown Accounts

At the start of this year, the popular microblogging site Twitter released an update regarding suggested tweets through the app’s ‘For You’ tab.

Now, the platform is reversing the decision but it appears that Twitter is finding more ways to annoy users, all over again. And this time around, so many people are complaining about seeing excessively bizarre content that they never signed up for. And yes, they’re from accounts that they’re not even following.

As reported by so many, the sudden outburst of such content is not being appreciated one bit. On most occasions, such tweets aren’t related to other types of content that a user happens to follow or engage with. And it’s a problem that not one but plenty of people are complaining about.

The app’s Following tab showcases Tweets from various accounts that a user follows in a chronological manner. But the For You feature makes use of various algorithms that displays tweets that are deemed to be most relevant at first. In different cases, there are a few tweets from various accounts that aren’t followed but they continue to appear in the For You tab.

Most of these are not related to topics that users are engaging with on the app. And that is what makes this entire ordeal very interesting. Now, if you go to the For You tab, you’ll immediately see how few tweets are present from your friends and followers. Similarly, you’ll find heaps of tweets arising from the likes of various other accounts.

Some are accounts that continue to get promoted for some bizarre reason and it’s interesting to see how they happen to have Blue Subscriptions too.

All in all, it’s not exactly clear if the platform happens to be dealing with its own internal issues or if the firm has opted to alter the way the entire algorithm functions because the behavior is very off and aggressive.

During the start of this week, we saw Twitter roll out a few changes to the API that stops users from opening certain pictures, and links, and even getting access to the app via the webpage.

Clearly, something is up with Twitter and we do hope the company’s executives take a look.

But it find something to do with the fact that ever since Musk took the firm over, he ended up firing some pivotal engineers from the app. And this is now facing some serious outages. Moreover, Musk really pushing the Blue Subscription full throttle by limiting access to its previous features that used to be for free.

If that was not dramatic enough, he has even requested the app’s workers to forcefully display his own personal tweets on feeds, whether users like it or not. So even if you don’t happen to follow the CEO, you’ll be seeing his tweets non-stop.

Is that fair? Well, there’s not much to say. He is the platform’s chief after all, right?

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