Amazon Shocks Consumers By Silently Adding ‘Frequently Returned Item’ Labels On Selected Products

If you happen to be a common shopper on the leading eCommerce platform Amazon, we’re sure you’ve come across products that are of poor quality.

So many of these knock-off products can be a major nuisance for obvious reasons. But now it appears that Amazon is trying hard to address the complaints of its frequent shoppers by silently rolling out a new label.

This label is going to be included on certain products which warn the buyer how it has experienced frequent returns. How’s that for deterring a shopper from making an online purchase?

The news was first published in a recent report by The Information where Amazon to not shy away from offering transparency to its shoppers. The goal is to keep buyers in the loop about products that have gone through an inordinate figure of returns. And we’ve seen it be present on turntables worth $500.

Similarly, such tags were put on summer dresses from unknown brands as well. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that consumers were shocked to read that title while shopping online.

It’s like a better way of saying don’t buy this because most people that did were not happy. So why even put it in the first place is a question on our minds. Similarly, the label can be seen advising buyers to double-check the good’s details and even go through reviews of clients that made a similar purchase.

Only then if they feel satisfied should they go on making the purchase.

Speaking to PCMag recently, the eCommerce giant says the addition of such labels began a few months ago to some goods sold via their shipping network. Similarly, they were added to products arising from third-party suppliers that attain a much higher return rate for such categories.

Amazon adds that their goal from day one has been innovation on the behalf of their clients so that they can work to provide better shopping experiences. So right now, they hope to showcase return rate details so users can make wiser and more informed decisions while buying things online.

But still, many critics believe that the small size of the label is very easily missed out by buyers as there is just so much overall text on product pages. You’ll find it appears as a small box under the text near the introduction as it arises in the form of a warning. The font color is also the same as the rest of the text seen across a page.

For now, Amazon is yet to answer questions regarding why it fails to remove such products from its shelves altogether as that would make so many people’s lives easier. If you come to think of it, such labels really don’t do much in terms of solving the matter linked to fake reviews that keep arising on a particular product online.

The Information says one reason why Amazon is actually adding such labels as it helps to save its own expenses regarding time and resources spent in returning and exchanging goods so they’re definitely looking out for themselves too, as they should be.

Image: TheVerge

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