Adobe’s Head For Creative Cloud Says Generative AI Models Are Great But Nothing Like The Hype Of Web3

The CPO and executive vice president of Adobe’s Creative Cloud mentioned how the hype surrounding Web3 cannot be compared to the success seen with generative AI models.

Scott Belsky mentioned there’s a night and day difference between the two trends and while tools like ChatGPT are doing great, the hype is not like what we experienced with web3 that arose last year.

The interview was conducted by Forbes reporter in Los Angeles and he said that web3 never promises that it would reduce the time taken to get tasks done. But AI tools manage to do just that.

But what web3 does promise to deliver is greater efficiency around the clock and that means less workflow from the usual tasks that you’re probably taking part in.

In the same way, he feels that the true value of generative AI has to do with doing tasks at a faster pace. So, what took you hours or minutes to get done, well, you can do it now at a faster pace than before.

Adobe is in the middle of trying to take on a mega deal worth billions and it’s a design product that it is currently working on right now.

For now, the process is not exactly smooth sailing. It has to do with plenty of roadblocks along the way and that may explain why he had some trouble mentioning it during the interview.

He feels that with time, the charm of ChatGPT might dwindle and there will be some great startups that were really successful. But for now, the charm and love for it are there.

Nevertheless, there was talk about how creative people could benefit the most and it’s similar to finding some great surface area for discovery. There are plenty of samples showing just that. He says that AI would be doing that.

It will start to decrease workflows and better the skills of others instead of going about replacing them. Think of it as having so much more surface area available for discovery. They’ll have more time now to see which solutions best fit them and which path they need to follow.

With time, the world of AI is changing. For some, it’s altering for the better, and for others, not so much.

H/T: Alex Konrad / Twitter

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