WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature For Android User: Schedule call

WhatsApp is always trying to improve its app and provide its users with the best experience possible. The latest update via the Google Play Beta Program has updated the app to version, and it includes a new feature that is currently under development, as spotted by WBI. The ability to schedule calls feature will allow users to choose a title, date, and time for their calls, making it easier for everyone in the group to plan their schedules and be aware of when the call will take place.

This feature will be most useful for the people who are planning an event, as members can schedule a call to discuss the details and make sure everyone is available. This way there is no need for daily reminders about doing a call. The scheduling feature will help in all of this, and it will be even easier for group members to do things according to the schedule.

The exact date for the release of this feature is still unknown, but there is a chance that it will be available for beta users soon. This feature is currently under development and it will be released in a future update of the app. The addition of the ability to schedule calls is a great step forward in enhancing the overall user experience of the app. It will make group calls even more convenient and organized, ensuring that everyone is on schedule for a certain call. In conclusion, the latest update to WhatsApp is set to improve the app even further and provide users with the best experience possible. The ability to schedule calls is just the beginning of what is to come, and users can expect even more exciting updates and new features in the future.

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