WhatsApp Android beta users will soon be able to share up to 100 media files

Meta’s WhatsApp is working on a new update for its Android version. The upcoming version will enable its users to send one hundred media files while chatting. The beta version has already been released to some beta testers.

Six years ago, in 2017, the platform went from allowing ten media items to be shared at a time to thirty items in a single attempt. And now, as per the latest report, the range is all set to reach one hundred items.

According to a picture posted by Wabetainfo in their latest post, some lucky beta users were able to select more than thirty media items. It is believed that the feature will come in handy while sharing albums. Initially, due to the low range, sometimes while sharing pictures or videos, the user would accidentally resend media as they would have to select multiple times to send a whole album. With the latest version, such errors will be minimized.

The beta version has already been released to some WhatsApp Android beta users. If a user wants to find out whether they are among the selected users, they can simply try selecting more than thirty items. If they are able to do so, then the user will be among the testers.

Since no official date has been given, it will be hard to guess when the feature will be rolled out for general users. However, the article did mention that the platform will extend the beta version to more people. Hence, it can be expected that the feature will be available soon.

Lately, the platform has been actively working on features to make it more accessible. WhatsApp recently introduced a new shortcut in its iOS version. The shortcut would allow users to instantly block others, either in a group conversation or in a one-on-one chat. And the upcoming Android version is also meant to provide Android users with a user-friendly experience when using the application. In addition to this, improvements are being made in the updating status for both the iOS and Android versions.

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