What Trends Are In Store For The Digital World In 2023? This New Report Has The Answer

For the past year, we’ve seen a lot of fluctuations taking place in the digital world. Behaviors have altered, some for the worst and others for the good. But what does that mean for 2023?

To help give more insight, we’re glancing over a new report that shares what trends are leading the way and how they’ll impact 2023. So let’s take a look!

For starters, let’s glance over the trending headlines linked to the current global tech world.

Current population statistics prove how the population stands at roughly 8 billion individuals and around 57% of the world’s population lives in urbanized districts. Out of this, around 5 billion make use of cell phones since the year 2023 began, accounting for 68% of the world’s total population.

Moving on to internet users, there are roughly 5 billion of them situated in different locations around the globe. This means a good 64% of the global population stays connected online. And this itself has seen a growth of 2% in the past year.

But at the same time, certain delays in the world of reporting prove how real growth is bigger than what this figure is suggesting.

Today, the world of social media attracts roughly 5 billion people, which is just a little less than 60% of the world’s total population. And the figures keep increasing as we speak.

And let’s not forget how certain delays in data reports would suggest how the value is more than this. Hence, such headlines are clear proof to us and so many others of what’s happening around the globe.

But we really need to dig deep to realize how people are evolving with plenty of data on display. Let’s now switch on to overviews of the world’s internet usage.

These are some key indicators of how the internet is being adopted and used by global users.

Today, the figure has risen to 5.16, a great rise from figures calculated last year in October. The number of people using the internet has grown by around 90 million in the past year. This makes the YoY growth a little less than 2%. And when you come to think of it, the growth was not as dynamic as that in 2010.

So the growth is definitely slow, but not a huge surprise as so many people are online. Figures predict that by the end of this year, we should be seeing the majority of the world go online by this year’s end.

When looking at statistics from around the globe, digital use is very variable. Toward the top of the list, we’ve got the likes of 99% adoption rates for the web in around 8 different nations. Meanwhile, 55 different countries are enjoying internet adoption that’s greater than 90%.

What is surprising to a few people is how people are adopting the internet at a faster pace in places like Europe and the UK as compared to nations in North America. Analysis proves how 92% of the global population in the US is situated online and that ranks the nation at position number 45 on the world map.

North America only accounts for the likes of 6% of the global population for internet usage, contrary to many people’s beliefs. Hence, you might feel that digital trends in the US are barely a true representation of the digital habits observed around the globe.

This is why experts suggest paying closer attention to the likes of data on a local country level to better gauge what is taking place and how you can reach out and engage better with your market’s audience.
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