Videos Top The List In Online Content But Guest Articles Are More Popular, Claims New Study

You may have heard a lot of studies talk about which form of online content ranks the best among all the others out there today. And thanks to one study, we’re getting more insight into this.

Videos may be crowned as the winners in terms of online content for various editors out there today. But you might want to know that articles written by guests are actually more popular than all others.

This study comes to us by Influence & Co whose report titled The State of Contributed Content is really making it big as we speak.

Plenty of editors were polled and around 97.5% of them felt they had to publish more and more content produced by guests this year. And that is an increase from the 93% witnessed in another survey from 2021. Today, 86% are publishing one guest post every week while just 13% of them feature no content of this sort.

Editors added how they expect to publish so many types of this content in the year 2023 where videos were leading the list, followed by Podcasts and Newsletters falling closely behind.

Webinars stood at fourth place while the top five were completed by the likes of Infographics. Check-ins on Twitter and others were followed up in the list too.

This particular study was based on the likes of a recently conducted survey and it featured around 46 different publications online by various editors. But we’d like to remind you that it only serves as one snapshot of the entire endeavor.

There were thousands of other pieces that had been reviewed and it was highlighted how headline word counts for most of the shared pieces was around 10.5 while the average count for words stood at 792.

For social shares of various types of content, the day where most leads were achieved included Wednesday while Tuesday and Thursday came second with a tie. The worst day for posting content was headlined to be Saturday, followed up closely by Sunday.

The editors also laid out some guidelines on what they felt would be the best attributes linked to guest content.

This includes productions of superior quality and those that are non-promotional. Meanwhile, the topic being the right fit for a publication’s readership is also important as is one that shares all forms of original insights. It’s better if these are on a more expert level and give a look at the real world, more than anything else.
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