US Government Stops Approving Licenses To Export Goods To Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

As matters between China and the US escalate in the tech world, President Biden was seen taking an impulsive decision recently.

This included halting licenses for the export of American goods to Chinese-owned tech giant Huawei. Moreover, the news comes as the country tightens laws on American exports of technology to China.

As it is, we’ve seen the US capital accuse the Chinese tech firm of serving as a major threat to the country’s national security. Similarly, it has expressed some major concerns linked to working with China’s Communist Party.

But from what we are hearing, China is yet to confirm the reports and Huawei was seen denying all the allegations on this front. Furthermore, we’ve seen the American commerce department informing several US-based organizations that wouldn’t be allowing for the approval of licenses that pave the way for exports of American technology to Huawei as per a recent article that was published by The Financial Times today. It was the first media outlet to break the news.

The decision comes as the US Captial makes way for a complete ban on American products and tech to China’s leading telecom firm. Therefore, the article alleged how the US is really working closely with various sectors such as Energy, State, and Defense. It continues to assess various policies and rules while communicating on a routine basis with stakeholders from the outside world.

They added how they don’t wish to comment on such chats nor do they want to go public with deliberations getting made regarding specific firms.

President Biden and his administration appear to be tightening regulations on the firm and have even agreed to take such matters as a top priority as the tensions between the US Capital and Chinese Capital increased in regard to the Taiwanese matter. The latter is where the world’s greatest number of computer chips are manufactured.

Meanwhile, in October of last year, we saw the American Secretary of Commerce claim that the threatening surroundings keep changing. They are really working hard and doing everything right to preserve the country’s national security which is thier top priority.

They hope to halt sensitive technologies using military apps from gaining access to the country’s data and intelligence as well as their security services.

For a while now, Huawei which happens to be based in Shenzhen has encountered countless American export restrictions on various products linked to their 5G telecoms technology and AI-based technology.

In the year 2019, under the leadership of former US President Donald Trump, American officials added the firm to their ‘entity list’.

This meant American firms would require licenses from the government for exports or for the likes of transferring some types of technology as there were concerns about it being manipulated and used by Chinese partners.

There were plenty of concerns linked to its use by the Chinese military, in particular.

During that period, we did see a lot of licenses receive grants to several American firms such as Intel and even Qualcomm that supply Huawei with various types of technology not linked to 5G.

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