US Government Files Charges Against Local Telecom Firms For Illegal Robocalls

A large group of American-based telecom firms is being slapped with charges by the US federal authorities.

They are accused of making illegal robocalls that have reached figures up to billions in the name of telemarketing to American customers. But in reality, they were taking part in shady activity by bombarding them with robocalls that were pre-recorded.

This was a complaint that had been filed by a court on Friday in California backed by FTC and DoJ. Moreover, investigations have proven how they each managed to violate a series of consumer protection policies set in place by the FTC and the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

All of these firms outlined were said to be involved in trying to lend support to telemarketing firms that illegally lure customers and make them take part in the likes of bogus services linked to debt relief promises.

The country’s Justice Department says it’s committed to its role of putting an end to such acts linked to illegal robocalls as well as predatory behavior when it comes to debt relief. Moreover, the complaint further went on to detail how telemarketers made use of pre-recorded texts for marketing which failed to put the true identity of the caller in the spotlight.

Hence, at the end of the day, you did know who you were speaking to if you ended up getting such calls in the first place from a notorious seller.

In the same way, the complaint sheds light on how a series of robocalls were made to numbers present on a list linked to a registry dubbed ‘National Do Not Call’. It also used tricks of the trade where in the world of telemarketing called ringless voicemails. And that means the data is sent out to the device without any ring or alert being generated to the receiver.

The head of the FTC’s consumer protection division says such behavior is alarming for obvious reasons. It ends up targeting the entire ecosystem of firms that set out illegal tactics in the world of telemarketing.

What they end up doing is cheating so many consumers in the US that struggle with their finances on a daily basis.

But with more action being taken and such activity being highlighted more in the public eye, the FTC hopes to act aggressively against such criminals and take due action for consumer protection against illegal robocalls.

For now, the country’s department of justice is attaining an injunction that’s permanent against all the outlined defendants. They hope this would be enough to prevent similar violations from arising in the near future. Furthermore, all named firms would be penalized with monetary civil penalties that arise in the millions.

There are a leading number of telecommunication firms being outlined on this list. This includes the likes of Stratics Networks and Netlatitude. Similarly, other big names from the industry include Tek Ventures, Atlas Investment, and Atlas Marketing.

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