Twitter Shuts The Door On Its Co-Tweeting With Friends And Family Feature

Twitter has opted to close all doors leading to its co-tweeting feature.

The company was recently seen speaking about how its limited-time experiment has come to an end after generating a response that didn’t quite go as planned.

The trial was restricted to certain regions such as Korea, Canada, and the US. But if you thought you’d also get the chance to co-tweet with your loved ones through the app, well, that’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon.

During that period, it really did look like an exciting venture but Twitter recently posted on the app’s support page that it is removing the offering by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, the CoTweets help page is where the firm put up the notice that shared more details on the experiment and how it has finally come to an end. Moreover, those users that do have access to the offering would now not be able to make new ones.

At the same time, those CoTweets that are currently published through the app on users’ accounts would only get the chance to be viewed for a period of one month after the deadline of January 31.

Right after that particular point in time, CoTweets would be renamed Retweets. Obviously, it is not easy to determine if such a feature would return or not for now. But the way the company adds that they’re still exploring more ways to see how such a feature would work in the future means that they still feel it might still have some sort of potential.

In the past month, the company mentioned how they have really made some major changes to their developer agreements. This included the clause of banning and shutting down all clients of the firm that were third-party in origin.

In the same way, we saw the firm make an effort in terms of updating behavior linked to currently placed timelines. Moreover, it no longer forces some users to work with the ‘deal for you’ timeline.

For now, there is yet to be any official announcement on this front but Elon Musk is speaking a lot about a reduction in the company’s advertisements that were incoming. Now, there is a more expensive tier for Twitter Blue that is arising for users that would be ad-free. It’s still in the pipeline but by the looks of it, we could soon be seeing a launch.

The company’s most recent change was unannounced and there has even been a small adjustment made to the likes font that enables users to glance over any hackers, impersonators, or bad actors on the app.

We know that a lot of people are going to miss this CoTweets feature but those who never got the chance to use it wouldn’t have ever known what they missed out on.

We’ll keep you updated on when or if any other feature of a similar sort is being considered but for now, there’s no news on that front.

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