Twitter is planning to charge $1000 per month for businesses to retain their gold checkmark

Elon Musk’s Twitter is finding new ways to make money. The platform is planning to start charging businesses for the gold checkmark.

According to San Francisco-based media house, The Information, Twitter will be charging one thousand dollars per month from business profiles to continue having the gold mark; if they won’t pay the charges, the mark will be taken off.

As per some internal conversations, the media company revealed that the microblogging platform is also planning to charge an additional fifty dollars every month to let accounts linked with business profiles have their badges displayed.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, shared an image showing a conversation between Evan Jones, Twitter’s product manager, and a business owner whose name wasn’t shared. The email-based conversation showed Twitter offering “gold mark” subscriptions with charges of one thousand dollars per month and an additional fifty dollars for affiliated accounts to have a badge displayed with their name.

The gold mark feature was introduced at the time of the organization verification program, initially referred to as “blue” for businesses. The main idea behind this feature was to help businesses stand out on the platform, and accounts linked with the business will also have a badge displayed on their account profiles.

Ever since Elon took over Twitter, the platform has taken several controversial steps, such as laying off fifty percent of the employees, charging eight dollars every month for the “blue tick” of verification, and removing applications added by developers to charge them for it. Not just this, but the company has also started to sell office furniture to pay office rent. Musk even announced that the application will give content creators their share of ad revenue, but it will only be shared with those who are paying eight dollars monthly.

Though no official data has been shared by Twitter for the upcoming thousand-dollar subscription service, it can become functional anytime shortly. The way Twitter is exploring every angle to make money, it can be expected that the platform will be offering more paid services to clear the crushing $12.5 billion debt the company is in right now.

H/T: Matt Navarra

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