New Study Says A Whopping 96% Of Users Spend 13 Hours Weekly On Social Media

A new study is shedding light on some fascinating statistics regarding the world of social media.

The study highlights how mobiles are now the leading platform in terms of media consumption. And by that, we mean users are spending nearly 4 hours each day on their smartphones.

This was in comparison to the likes of PCs and televisions where people were spending just 3 hours each day. The research comes to us thanks to the likes of a report by leading experts at Newzoo. They managed to survey nearly 2,500 people across the US.

Furthermore, it was proven how so many generations engaged differently than all others in terms of the world of social media and entertainment.

As far as engagement is concerned, social media was crowned the front-runner. And to be honest, there aren’t a lot of shocked faces here. We all are social beings and we love staying informed about what is happening in our circle and across the globe.

96% of users admitted they spend 13 hours each week on various social media apps including those that share videos. And no surprise here that TikTok and Instagram were classified among the favorites.

But the world of entertainment is just as crucial as all others. And that’s why 94% claim they spend 14 hours on the likes of subscription services as well as broadcast television. Meanwhile, 87% gave credit to the likes of podcasts and music platforms, where they spent 11 hours weekly.

So many video gaming platforms would attract 84% of the user base, where they were functioning at 12 hours each week. Moreover, such findings pointed to the huge trend linked to the world of active engagement as well as entertainment. So many individuals are playing with the likes of digital content and call it a rewarding affair.

Clearly, a lot of this has to do with the world of smartphones. The majority of engagement arises through such means. And the key driver here is social media where engagement goes up to 73% on smartphones than other types of devices. But we did see how a lot of people preferred TV over phones for the categories like broadcast television.

In the same way, this research shed light on the great popularity of video gaming applications. They command a massive amount of the key hours of engagement that are closely followed up by mediums including comics and books. After that, apps linked to sports and fitness arise.

But another interesting aspect highlighted by this study has to do with the likes of users not only watching content. They are also getting more and more involved with various platforms. The goal is to share more content with other people too. And as one can expect, the younger lot leads the race.

On average, 69% spoke about spending 7 hours each week in developing digital content. This was in stark comparison to Gen X where just 46% spend around 6 hours weekly to publish their images or videos on various apps.

When you take on the report as a whole, it’s easy to see that apps are not just linked to media consumption. They also have to do with the likes of user engagement.

The main take-home message if you may put it is that most people spend 13 hours every week engaging with social media. And the majority of this is through their mobiles. And it’s Gen Z who spend 7 hours each week producing digital content.

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