Microsoft’s New Update Shows The New Bing Chat Supports Up To 100 Daily Chat Turns

It was only last week that he heard about software giant Microsoft mentioning through a public review how they needed to make a few changes to the new Bing Chat.

The AI-powered chatbot was acting bizarre and experts on the team felt that might be due to excessive daily chat turns. Hence, it was unveiled that long sessions were not particularly helpful.

Only 50 daily chats were being given the green light and days later, the limit was increased to 60 chats per day. But now, we’re hearing the firm’s head of Advertising and Web Services claim through Twitter that it's opening floodgates for the new AI chat.

As a part of the company’s latest update, we are going to see at least 100 daily chat turns, making this a huge change that is currently in place as we speak. In the same way, the software giant explained how all chat turn that was SERP questions wouldn’t be counted any longer to its daily limit for chat turns. They further claim that the Edge Sidebar problematic scenario was recently fixed.

So as you can see, there are a lot of positive developments happening by Microsoft on this front.

Meanwhile, in a series of new posts by the social media giant, Microsoft claims that they are introducing a new system for tagging and that is where you can see huge improvements in the Bing Chat and the way it interacts with others.

Last but not least, Microsoft is all set to bring ahead a change in the chatbot’s voice tone while keeping other constraints relaxed. This is necessary for increasing the limits and by today, it would be launched.

Clearly, there are a lot of things happening in the world of the AI-powered Bing Chat and we feel that is sure to be exciting for those interested in how the tool works.

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