Microsoft’s CEO Claims Human Oversight Is Needed When Powerful AI Models Are Involved

The CEO of Microsoft is making some major claims about AI models and how this sort of technology cannot remain unchecked for too long.

Satya Nadella explained how it’s not exactly as clear-cut as many people may have imagined. But now that AI chatbots seem to be revolutionizing the industry and their popularity soaring, some important aspects need to be considered.

Out of those, humans need to start taking greater responsibility in the form of overseeing what exactly is going on. In other words, you can’t blindly trust AI technology to do everything.

The news comes as so many people are calling out tools for wreaking havoc or being too inaccurate to be trusted. But Nadella feels that the right form of human oversight can prevent disasters from happening and stop them from going out of their control.

The great possibility of AI has incredible potential to reach new heights of success. And one can’t help but wonder why it’s being taken in a negative light, he added. Safety, alignment, and more can be taken care of when you’ve got such models in charge of human intervention. It’s all about thinking in depth about why AI is being used.

Powerful models need guidance from humans to be steered in the right direction. These models need to be made safer but by calling them out for their errors, we’re actually causing them to run away. And Microsoft does not feel it’s the right way to go about the matter.

There have been so many concerns linked to the world of AI technology but some members like Elon Musk and Altman claim the benefits to humanity are plenty. But at the same time, the threats to them are huge and that needs to be looked at more in detail.

The new partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft is being raved about and as we speak, millions are signing up to be on the waitlist dubbed as the new and improved Bing. It’s like saying hello to a new rival in the form of an AI-themed chatbot.

There are also reports of how Bing and ChatGPT were made to go head-to-head in an internal test. And you’ll be shocked to learn that Bing came out on time with smarter answers. So as you can see, the hype is quite real.

The new and improved features for conversations by Bing are not up for grabs yet to the public but the fact that there’s a waitlist means there must be something people are waiting for.

Toward the end of last year, search engine giant google was witnessed issuing a new Code Red after the sweeping launch and popularity of ChatGPT. Now, it’s going public with its own offering in this regard called Bard which happens to be an AI-based chatbot.

The new tool is being tested internally and is outlined to be a great answer to conversational AI technology. It might be released to the masses in the next few weeks so we’ll keep an eye out for that.

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