Microsoft’s Bing downloads peaked due to ChatGPT

It’s been three months since Microsoft and OpenAI revealed their artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. Since its introduction, the bot has become quite famous among tech circles. Microsoft has already planned to bring the bot on board with Bing, a search engine operated by Microsoft.

Linking the new AI with search engines is getting all sorts of responses. While some users find it a positive step, others are not in favor of the merger. Despite the mixed reviews, Bing has become famous globally as the search engine experienced an all-time high in downloads.

At the start of 2022, the search engine was moving forward with almost 50 thousand downloads per month. Gradually, the number of downloads kept growing and peaked at 127 thousand at the start of the fourth quarter. It was roughly estimated that the search engine added somewhere near 800 thousand new downloads from the Apple App Store last year.

With the stable version being released on February 13, 2023, downloads skyrocketed. On February 15, 2023, Bing observed the highest number of downloads within 24 hours. The search engine’s downloads peaked at 150 thousand downloads; however, the peak started to come down but maintained itself at more than average.

So far, the chatbot has received an overwhelming response from users. People with the premium version might be experiencing a smoother experience, while due to heavy traffic on the free version, the bot may not be available.

To compete with the growing influence of Bing and ChatGPT, tech giant Google announced its version of a chatbot for the search engine. The company named its bot as Bard; however, the announcement didn’t go well, and Google suffered a loss of billions of dollars in stock.

Google even interviewed the ChatGPT bot to gain insight into its abilities. Since an artificial intelligence-based chatbot was being questioned, the questions had to be technical and related to coding. To the company’s surprise, the bot not only just cleared the test but also cleared itself as a level-three engineer working at Google.

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