Instagram’s Co-Founders Launch Personalized News Reader Called Artifact

The co-founders at Instagram have recently debuted their new product called Artifact.

This public introduction to this new rollout was done today which basically is another name given to a personalized news reader. The news was confirmed by the media outlet The Verge which went into detail about what users can expect.

For now, the product is not up for grabs for all users. In fact, it is quite an exclusive offering and there’s even a waitlist so interested individuals may sign up and wait to get their hands on it.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger called their new venture a unique exploration into a different realm altogether. Moreover, you’ll find this app as a modern-day twist to that offered by Android Maker Google which was dubbed Google Reader. Sadly, that shut down in 2013.

In this case, the product is explained as a newsreader that makes use of machine learning to better customize user experiences while incorporating social elements. In this manner, users get the chance to discuss different articles which they come across with their pals. Apps like this really need to receive programming from users that incorporate RSS feeds through direct means.

The product is going to first launch with the addition of a personalized selection of different news posts that are carefully curated for viewership. And with time, you’ll see this arise from big names in the industry like The New York Times while you’ll find a few come forward through the likes of smaller webpages.

Some more integral features would include comment controls, inboxes where users can do direct messages to discuss more private matters, and also options for separate feeds for posts that are published by those you might be following, other than the usual commentary.

For now, the concept is being called out as unique and interesting but keeping in mind the past stats regarding news on social media, users have personally opted out of it. Remember, it might also be overlapping with Twitter’s drive to discuss news too.

At the same time, the launch is being conducted at a very unique moment in time as it comes when Twitter is in shambles and some users are on the lookout for apps that might serve as the perfect alternative to Twitter itself. That really does make sense as Musk has been running in circles in terms of what is next to change on Twitter and frankly speaking, users have had enough.

His policies are controversial, his decision-making is irrational, and there is just so much more that people can take throughout the process.

But at the same time, we don’t think that Artifact is exactly original. It does have that modern twist taking place in terms of the good old Google Reader experience but is it enough to make people happy? Well, only time can tell so for now, we’re just going to wait and watch to see what the next step toward a public launch could be.

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