Hackers Steal Login Details For Data Centers Used By Apple And Others

A team of unknown hackers has ended up stealing crucial login information linked to data centers.

These alarming reports have to do with some of the biggest tech and banking firms out there, researchers have mentioned.

Moreover, cybersecurity experts even spoke about how one threat actor managed to breach GDS Holdings as well as ST Telemedia Global Data Centers. These are two of the biggest data center firms linked to third parties across Asia. Among them, providers are able to cover some of the largest brands entail Apple, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and BMW.

Such data breaches by hackers may result in them getting customer support logins for different firms like Apple. Similarly, they were able to gain access to security cameras that were connected to the web. Moreover, they could even make use of the data for physical access across various servers.

While such incidents arose around two years ago, experts noted how it was only recently brought to light. All of these actors were making use of login credentials till the year 2023. This is when in January 2023, two data center companies began to reset it and lock all of the attackers out.

While we do agree that compromise can be damaging, some physical access to the likes of endpoints is very concerning. And talking to experts linked to Intel, it was mentioned how the compromise of these kinds may cause huge consequences.

And we do believe that compromises made of any kind can be awfully damaging, gaining access to some endpoints can be very concerning. Just look at the figures outlined for compromises done to surveillance cameras. This was nearly 30,000. And a lot of them were either weak or entailed passwords having a factory default.

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