CEO of OpenAI declares ChatGPT a (cool yet) horrible product

The world seems to believe that ChatGPT is by far the greatest tech innovation but the founder of the product seems to think differently.

Indeed ChatGPT has been a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) tool for the internet, but there are numerous faults with it. Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, isn’t afraid to admit the flaws with his creation. In a recent podcast interview, he even called it a ‘horrible product.’

To be specific, his exact wording lies along the lines of ChatGPT being a ‘cool product’ but also a ‘horrible product.’ The reason behind this claim is pretty evident. Those who have had an experience with the tool, know that it doesn’t respond when at full capacity. It also sometimes abruptly stops working mid-way.

He stated that the whole thing with ChatGPT was just users trying to find answers, copying those answers, pasting them elsewhere, then repeating the cycle over again. Not to forget that they’re working so relentlessly on a site that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Yes, although the tool’s design is exactly this, it seemed as though it was a little annoying to Altman.

We’re not sure if ChatGPT was supposed to be as influential in certain aspects as it is now. It has disrupted the educational sector by allowing students to pass exams and write essays without moving a finger. Since it can write you cover letters and job applications, it can be deemed useful.

What we do not know is that this revolutionary product was launched as a last resort. Yes, ChatGPT was launched to the public as a last resort after having issues with its beta testers. Seeing how it was launched, it is a wonder how the tool managed to acquire a million users within a week. Yes, it even surpassed Instagram and TikTok’s growth rate.

If Altman released a more modified version of the tool, he is sure that it would’ve added more value to the user experience. For now, it is a good product but it isn’t the best when viewed as a well-integrated AI.

With the popularity that ChatGPT has, we’re sure we will see an evolved version of the tool soon.

Photo Courtesy of Sam Altman / Insider

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