Apple May Include Only Certain Features Into Its New USB-C Charging Ports For iPhones

There’s plenty of discussion surrounding the likes of tech giant Apple making a particular USB-C charging port that complies with the EU.

Plenty of discussion surrounds the ordeal as the tech giant makes way for such a huge change with all new devices so that it doesn’t have to worry about being fined for breaking the law.

A recently published post by Weibo (Via 9to5Mac) shows how the tech giant has created a new circuit board including the Lightning compatible feature. This would be used alongside the usual USB-C, the company confirmed.

But off of this, it has been suggested that this board may end up exactly controlling which features are located on a particular device or cable having the USB-C design.

What is even more interesting is which features would be enabled or disabled as Apple is rumored to be very particular about its selection.

For now, the speculations on Weibo are plenty and there is yet to be any form of a confirmation coming forward from the Cupertino firm at this moment in time. But if the rumor does appear to be true then it would give rise to compatibility in a backward direction through the likes of Lightning accessories.

The launch of the iPhone 15 is due to arise during the latter part of this year. And given that it would entail the USB-C charger across various models, we could be seeing a major change arising.

Remember, the lightning-powered technology dates back to the year 2012. This is when iPhone 5 was launched. Moreover, there’s also a possibility that such calves end up supporting slow chargers along with different accessories.

It would also enable more features to be brought to the spotlight including those that most people are familiar with. Common examples include external displays but we could see such launches restricted just to the company’s Pro variant.

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