Apple Could Launch An Ultra Premium iPhone In 2024 That Sits Above Its Pro Series

Just when you thought you couldn’t get a device that was more premium than Apple’s iPhone Pro series comes forward more news that refutes such claims.

Leading iPhone maker Apple has been in the talks about it being on the lookout to launch its ultra-premium iPhone device. This would reportedly turn into the new top-end model for the company that sits a tier above the current offering of the iPhone Pro series.

But we’d also like to mention how there has been so little talk about this aspect. However, the latest on this front has to do with a release window that could arrive as early as next year.

The news comes to us thanks to the likes of tech giant Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. He confirmed how Apple may be introducing the premium model in 2024 but we’d also like to add how so many reports from the past spoke about it being the next best replacement to the Cupertino firm’s iPhone Pro Max design.

As of now, the latest update claims the Ultra is right above the Pro model and that transforms it into a whole new line. But in terms of when this could end up arriving is concerned, well, even we’re not too sure about that. As per Gurman’s reports, predictions for the mega and much-anticipated release are for next year.

It could be later than that but only if you’re lucky, we might be seeing a release that comes at an earlier time. But again, the latter means we would be wishing for a bit too much.

So, what can users expect in terms of this new premium interface? Well, definitely better and more exclusive materials used in the buildup and of course, features worth raving about as they use unique technology.

At the same time, don’t expect the prices to be cheap. A higher model calls for higher prices and this top-end iPhone 14 Pro Max featuring 1TB could end up at a staggering price point of $1600. There is similarly this chance that such a model may arise at a price tag that’s above this. But Apple’s CEO Tim Cook isn’t breaking a sweat in this regard.

He has expressed during one of the firm’s most recent earning call meetings that people are going to be stretching their budgets to attain the best purchases that they can afford in this category. For now, we have no other details in the market about solid facts hinting toward the new iPhone 15 but some things that users would like to see with such a release are definitely the talk of the town.

But with that, there are also some user wants for the release of this new Ultra design phone too. We could be witnessing some great enhancements to cameras in 2023. Anything and everything could happen and it’s all possible.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. We are months away from actually seeing rumor mills spitting out speculations regarding the start of this endeavor and once they do, there are bound to be plenty of where that came from.

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